Production Team:

Glacia Robinson…oh my…my Glacia, I don’t even know where to begin! This entire project would not be here if it wasn’t for you. Wow! Not only did you answer God’s call as the catalyst and project manager for this album, but you also labored tirelessly. Hour after hour, day after day you have gone beyond to serve and support me. You held my hand, encouraged me, prayed for me, coached me, ministered to me, and lavished God’s love on me. You even traveled far with me to my recording sessions. These are sacrifices I can never repay. Your professionalism and amazing musical gifts are a true gift from God. Serving in ministry with you has taught me more than I could ever imagine! You always said, “the nations are waiting” and look! Before I could even catch my breath, God made it possible for me to minister alongside you locally and internationally! Our God is so amazing! What a tremendous and priceless gift this has been to me. I am so thankful that God put us together for this project. The bond we share as sisters and worshippers has grown into a sweet, sweet friendship that I’m SO VERY GRATEFUL for! You are a sweet friend with a constant flow of gentleness, honesty and God-fearing sternness that is graced with your unconditional love and humor! I love you more than words can express! I am forever grateful and honored to know you! Thank you so much for believing in me!

Emerson Ally…the best guitar player in the world! I have learned SO much from you in ministry and musically. You have invested endless time in me and in this project and it has ALWAYS and ONLY been with a smile and in humility. Your investment is priceless! You sincerely care and always seem to call at the right time to check on me! Without your endless optimism, humor, faith in God, graceful coaching and encouragement, where would I be? I’m doubtless a better person and musician, because of you. I’m also so very honored to have traveled with you internationally in ministry as well! And to think that on top of all of this, making my dream come true, God also had in store for us to become friends. How can I give thanks? I love you so very much! To God be all the Glory! I am forever grateful to you!

Norah Harper aka Mom! If we didn’t meet that fateful day and if you didn’t hearken to the Lord, this would not have happened! Thank you for prophetically declaring that I would be singing with Glacia, even when it seamed unattainable to me.

Mark Brown (Gentleman Mark!) Wow! I am eternally grateful for you! You are the most patient, gentle listener I have ever met. Your “effortless” ability to tap into the music that God has given to me and seamlessly bring it to life, is nothing short of amazing! You sing, you play, and you preach! I have learned SO much from you. I enjoyed every single minute working together. It has been such pleasure getting to know you as my brother and friend. I can’t wait for our next project! And I promise you I’ll be your best “snotty Teike” LOL!


My Family:

Hans Teike you are the BEST dad ever! Thanks for your constant support since I started singing as a little girl. Thank you for the sacrifices you made for us as a family and for working so hard to ensure that we were well taken care of. I remember the MANY TIMES you drove me from place to place so I could sing and sing again! I love YOU with all my heart!

Ulla Teike my beautiful mother. I love you and miss you dearly. Pictures of your beautiful face are still vivid in my mind. I will continue to hold on to the wonderful memories that we shared and live in your honor. Smile…I can see you dancing and singing in heaven.

Agneta Öström my sister & husband Rolf Öström, and my sister, Maria Teike and fiancée Thomas, thank you for allowing me to be me…Maria, I look back on all those times when I was supposed to meet with you and “somehow” I kept forgetting. I was whisked away in the land of playing and singing and I completely forgot time and space. Thanks for graciously forgiving me and for putting up with me through the years. I love you all so much! Cecilia Teike Parraguez my niece, my dahhhrling! How much fun was this? I would LOVE to write another song with you! Anna Öström, my niece and husband Clint Öström, what If you hadn’t gone out to the barn that summer night in Sweden and started playing those notes on the guitar? The song “I AM HERE” would not have been here! 🙂 Fredrik Åberg my creative buddy and nephew, thanks for being integral part of the creative process of “I Am Here.” Thank you for also working so hard with me on the program for the release! I always loved spending late hours making music and movies with you! Johan Öström my nephew, thanks so much for sowing into this record via means of providing such wonderful accommodations in Stockholm, while travelling to take care of press relations and other ground work for the album. My aunt Britt -Marie Stegeby thank you for your constant encouragement and support and to all my other aunts, uncles & cousins of the Stegeby and Teike families, I thank you.

Silas Bäckström I learned so much from you about music and singing! Kerstin, Andreas & Tomas Bäckström – my “extra family” Thanks you for your constant love and support.


My Friends:

Hubie and Vicki Synn for speaking this album into my life, God used you to speak it into existence and set it in motion! Hubie, you are an authentic man of God and such an accurate prophet. Thanks for your servant heart. God has used you to declare His word over my life through the years. Today, I am living in the reality of every promise that God has given. Oh my goodness, I CANNOT find words to describe just how much I cherish our sweet true friendship and the amazing support you constantly give. I love you all beyond words. Special love and hugs to the children, Sara, Daniel, Krissy, Paul & Michael.

Tanya Jones my “Cini-Mini” twin sister. Without your friendship, your constant support and lending your belief even when I lost mine, where would I be? I love and appreciate you; I celebrate the bond that we share.

Walter Iwanciw my forever friend. My “Joy In The Journey” brother, I’m so thankful you taught me that God wants us to be happy! Your belief and support in me has been vital!

Coco Mitchell my friend and sister, you sowed into my VERY FIRST recording equipment, you believed in me and supported from then on! Your encouragement has been above and be-y-ond! I thank you!

Jerry and Toni Gray oh my goodness, where do I begin? Thanks for your obedience to God. Toni, thank you for being the first person to speak this project into my life over 20 YEARS AGO! It is here!!! Thank you for always believing in me! Oh and what if you hadn’t spoken to me about the Lord? You were part of the reason that I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Your friendship through the years is indescribable! I love you so much! Your daughter, my special girl, Vandie Gray, I celebrate your many gifts but especially your musical gift- amazing! We have worked on many songs together throughout the years and I’m honored to have had the privilege to create music with you, thank you!

Karen Romer I am beyond grateful that God made me your friend. You and your husband Atle Hunstad’s support and belief in me have been a critical component to my success! I love you so much! Charlotte Romer Froyland, my dear Goddaughter, thank you for your constant belief in me too! Love you!

Francine Sama my very first friend in the USA, from the day we met in the dance studio and you said “dance is a universal language”, we came to find out that music and singing is too! Thanks for sticking with me through the years! Love you so much!

Family Fridlund – You ARE my family! Lena & Peter Fridlund for your endless support and encouragement, not only with this project but also for life! Ida Fridlund “my daughter” and your husband Martin Fridlund, thank you for always being available for me musically and especially with my Swedish lyrics!! Erik & Matilda Fridlund, Nils Fridlund thank you all for allowing me to be part of such a great family!

Nils Fridlund your assistance with the campaign has made a huge difference. Thank you so much for also getting my website up and running and for doing such a fantastic job.

Hellen Tolf-Dahl and husband Arne Dahl you are a true friend, my sister in Christ and a steadfast prayer partner. You poured the light of God’s love into my life, which ultimately lead me to the Lord. I’m FOREVER grateful!

Marie-Louise Teike-Kellner since childhood we have enjoyed a solid friendship. We’ve seen each other through the best and worst times. True friendship is a plus especially when you are cousins! Love you!

Annika Nordenbring I cherish our authentic friendship. I admire the purity of your heart, your willingness to step out in faith and to obey God. Thank you for your belief in me and for your tremendeous support! I’m so glad God brought us together!



Nickoy Ingram (Nick) you are one of the best music directors I have ever known, thanks for your tremendous support, advice and encouragement! Thanks for coordinating rehearsals with “your” awesome singers and the recording sessions with Ken Wallace at Ian London Studios, Islip, NY.

The best voices in New York City (aka “Nick’s singers” ;-): Amanda Clarke, Sasha Gordon, Staren Soanes, Shauna-Lee Howe, Candace Mighty, Alex Albert & Jonathon Clarke Wow! Wow! Wow – you guys, Thank you, thank you, thank you, for lending your amazing voices to this record. I admire your humility, your professionalism and your excellent work ethic. I’m so thankful as well, for your gentleness, your unconditional love and support. I am completely blown away by the creative ways you made the songs your own and how majestically you brought them to life and to a new shining level for Jesus!

Teresa Bowers Parker The best vocal coach in the world! I’ve learned so much about singing, music and choir from you. You have mentored me since the day I was saved & I’m forever grateful for your teaching and gentle encouragement. Thank you! Special thanks for working with Spectra Gospel in the pre-recording sessions of “Highest Praise” and “Lift Jesus Higher”.

Ken Wallace what a treat and privilege to work with you and record in your renowned studio. Thanks for being a genius at what you do!

Spectra Gospel from Sundsvall, Sweden, your amazing collaboration and hard work! Thank you for pressing through even though it seamed there were no possibilities. Ulrica Wendle, choir director – you are amaziiing!!! Thank you for all the work and the recording of “Highest Praise” and “Lift Jesus Higher”

Robin East (Music Director & keyboards Spectra Gospel), thank you for laboring with me in rehearsals and pre-recording of the songs “Lift Jesus Higher “ and “Highest Praise.” Andreas Köhn, drums and Mikael Olausson, bass Spectra Gospel I enjoyed every minute of our rehearsals!

JConrad Robinson courtesy of Favored Music Group; thanks for lending your expertise in Spectra Gospel vocal coaching and recording sessions.

Lewis Peralta you were there from the beginning of my recording/engineer career. Thank you for spending hours after hours teaching me how to hone my craft and get my feet wet with engineering.

Ian Wolf Williams thank you for teaching me the basics of recording music.

Paul Balfour thank you for pointing me in the right direction, so grateful that I met you and Deanna!

Ann-Louise Hanson you were my first inspiration to sing. I was jus a little girl, having to choose between my allowance for “Saturday candy” and your single “Farväl, du sommartid.” Needless to say, this was a huge sacrifice for a 5 year old, LOL… But this is one “treat” that I never regretted! Thank you so much for your support and inspiration throughout my childhood years!


Pastors & Ministries:

Pastors David and Denise Greco, Kingsgate Church, Woodland Park, NJ for the tremendous support, love and encouragement you constantly give. Thank you for detecting my gift and for giving me the platform to grow and develop my ministry in song and music.

Pastor Elsie Obed, Kings Temple and Lilies International Christian Outreach. Thank you for leading by example and for being one of the greatest teachers I have ever known. You are a mighty woman of God and true woman of faith. I am learning so much from you just by observation and I feel like I am being indirectly mentored by you. Thank you for your constant encouragement and support. Thanks also for graciously giving me the opportunity to continue to develop my gift through the expression worship and music.

Pastor Mark Gregori, Crossway Church, Bronx, NY for your continual support, encouragement, prayer and connections.

Resting Place International House of Prayer Ali Ferell, Erin Brennan, Bill Silverstein, Richard & Jennie Monaco, Jason Gregori and Emily Schilavi for the kingdom imprint you have made on my life.

Dr. Maria D. Lites, Pastor Unbroken Chain Church, NY thanks for the amazing foundational teaching of the Word of God. Thanks also for your support and belief in me…the mission trips around the world and for teaching me to NEVER give up!

Bishop Clyde Harris & the late Mother Harris, The Evangelical Christian Church organization in Jersey City, NJ, Hampton & Norfolk, VA. Papa Bishop and the late Mom Harris; I am convinced that God really thinks I am so very special for adding me to your family and for loving me so much! You have ALWAYS been there for me!!

Rev. Earl & Jonette Miller your support and prayers through the years has been exceptional. Thank you for the many sacrifices that you made for me; checking in on me, praying for me, always making sure I was ok. Your son (my Godson) Isaiah you have brought so much joy to my life.

The late Rev. Archie L. Dennis, Jr. – The Lord’s Church of Pittsburgh, Monroeville, PA – I never forget your words of encouragement to keep on writing music and singing for the Lord. You were such a great inspiration in my life! Thank you!

Art Mathias, Wellspring Ministries, Anchorage, AK – oh my goodness without your ministry of healing, I wouldn’t have been who I am today and probably wouldn’t have had the courage to step out on God’s call to do this album. Through you, my heart was healed…thank you!


Platinum Level Supporters:

Johan Hedlund, Hubie & Vicki Synn, the expression of your generosity speaks volumes. Your belief in me and in this divine assignment to record and release this album, is beyond anything that I could ever dream of! Your investment fuels my destiny; I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


More Thanks:

Daniel and Marjorie Edwards – when it didn’t look like it was possible to continue with the production of the album, you generously sowed into this project and into my life without hesitation! I’m forever grateful!

Garnet Gibson, your encouragement means the world! Now you will be able to “find” the song “Highest Praise” on line…lol!

Alexandra Charles for allowing God to speak through you regarding this project, it resurrected the call of God that this project is His will.

Rene and Rena Cruz you prophesied to me to dive in to this project, I’m so happy that I headed the call! Thank you!

Tammy Ingis thank you for being an instrument of healing and deliverance and for believing in me.

My Kingsgate Church Family: Sheila Greco, Bob and Teri Daino, Michelle Gulliano, Angelo and Andrea LiVecchi, Aaron Livecchi, Adam & Sara LiVecchi, John & Delia Goldschmidt, Christi Greco De Leon, Ariel De Leon, David Greco Jr., Raffi Greco, James Greco, Andrea Greco, Mimi Greco, Michaela Greco, Walter and Veronica Juarez, Rosemarie Notte, Brent & Anne Nickles, Bill and Barbara Morchen, Nerina Formento de Castro, Frachely Peralta, Trent & Esther Stainbrook , Ann Marie Bongiovanni and many more, you have each contributed so enormously with so much love, encouragement and faith in the Lord, you all gave me wings to fly! Paul & Bella Valencia, thank you for ALWAYS taking the time to speak a word of encouragement and praying for me. Thanks to your son David, wow! Let a little child lead them…his prayer even at 10 years old for my fingers to play!

Christopher & Patti Welcome thanks for the many years of support, your prayers and encouragement has meant so much to me!

CB Murray, for your great mentorship in the Word of God and Christian music.

The late Lawrence Hamilton, one of my first mentors in the USA. I know you are singing with me from heaven. Thank you for all the music!

The late Millie Rivero for constant support, encouragement & prayer and thank you Sandy Rivero for carrying on the torch!

Kjell Lönnå – thanks for your teaching about music and choirs, my sure foundation in early years.

Kiralina Salandy, my worshipping sister and husband Mikael Silkeberg, thanks for your support and love!

Karin Felländer, Berit Andersson my teachers in elementary and high school, without your unconditional love and encouragement I wouldn’t have been the person that I am today.

Marcus H. Knight, CEO of Global Entertainment Rhythms Inc. Thanks for connecting us to Joseph Conrad.


Extra Thanks:

Marilynn N. Cole – Thank you for your constant prayer and encouragement.

Daniel Parker – “I Bless your Name” – what fond memories!

Carol Doscher, Marlie Buehler, Samathana Berry, Andrea Stone, The Mowry’s, The Biggin’s, The Francis’, Rosita Rumble, Roxy McCarrolI – my big time encourager & special Rrrrooommmiiieeee! Lol!

I bless you all and love you!

The Sama’s, Romer’s Cavazos, McRae’s, Hamilton’s, Fordes’, Epperson’s, Kellie Glavin, Michelle McMillian, Lori Hogan, Helena Westin Karp, Nicole Karp, Charles Karp, Marla King, Wanda Yu, Anders Berglund, Anna Berglund, Tyrone Wade, Randall Jenkins – you all have made a huge impact in my life. Thank you!

Charmaine DaCosta – thank you for being a true sister and friend & for introducing me to Rinella & Donald.

Rinella & Donald Bolt – thank you for your prayers and for introducing me to Norah!


Colleagues– you have all contributed to who I am today

Shanna Mirante, Katie Linden and my amazing Arbonne Team

H.R.H. Princess Madeleine and colleagues at World Childhood Foundation

Ann-Britt Paulsen and the Duxiana Crew

SAS colleagues; Christer Persson, Per Falkenhall, Kåre Hansen, Stanely Sham Poo, Elisabet Dronge, Bjorn Teigen & many more!


Childhood friends

Kicki F, Agneta, Robert, Gunilla, Anna, Lotta, Carin, Marie J, Annika E, Marie H, Ing-Britt, Micki, Åsa, Jannica, Annika T, Anneli, Kristina R, Mona, Inger, Ulrica. Love you and appreciate you all!


All glory, honor & praise to God, my Lord & Savoir Jesus Christ Who is THE Author of ALL music & songs!